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The Power of X-Min

  • X-min CMS is a compact yet potent content management system, redefining efficiency in website management. With its streamlined interface and lightweight design, X-min empowers users to effortlessly create and maintain dynamic web content. Despite its small size, this CMS packs a punch with robust features tailored for scalability and performance.

    X-min's minimalist approach doesn't compromise on functionality. Its intuitive editor simplifies content creation, allowing users to focus on crafting engaging material without unnecessary distractions. Flexible customization options cater to diverse needs, enabling seamless integration of plugins and themes for personalized websites.

  • X-Min CMS Specs here

      Requires PHP 8+
      Flat file formats with .csv and .json
      ChatGPT capable
      Pixabay capable
      Embed videos
      Contact management
      Store & product sales Future release: Email and SMS
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